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7 Feathers Chords
7 Feathers by Nahko and Medicine for the People

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Intro and strumming pattern. He kind of hammers on the notes on the C#m and Bm.

A     C#m     Bm      E
E --------5-----4-4-----2-2-----0
B --------5-----4h5-----2h3-----0
G --------6-----4h6-----2h4-----1
D --------7-----4h6-----2h4-----2
A --------7-----4-4-----2-2-----2
E --------5---------------------0

Opening lead lick


         A                   C#m
I know a carpenter, I know a laborer
         Bm                E
He is my teacher, he is my brother
         A                  C#m
I have a neighbor, he is my saviour
           Bm                   E
He doesn't waver, he's a strong believer
         A                 C#m
I know a business man, he scrapped his business plan
                Bm               E
While screaming fuck the man, he gave into the land
              A                    C#m
They are all archetypes, people that I might like to be
        Bm                       E
Just like in a completely different way

A              C#m
and we all...
       Bm                      E
We're coming out of our caves, Coming out of our caves
A              C#m
and we all...
      Bm                       E
We're coming out of our caves, Coming out of our caves

    A     C#m
I know a farmer, I know his vision
        Bm       E
I know his struggle, I know his hope
    A            C#m
I know a futurist, he is an optimist
           Bm                     E
And he knows a young waitress and he's trying to coax her out of her cave
  A  C#m
By smiling, by winking
         Bm                      E
By saying you know it's good for us to talk, yeah it's good to talk.

A          C#m
I know a father, I loved his daughter
        Bm         E
I told him never would I forsake her
         A                 C#m
But I got home too late, from one of my escapades
         Bm                E
No woman to face, just a note that said baby I've sailed away
         A                C#m
................................Right out of my cave
         Bm                E
Caught a swell, caught a wave To another inspiring place


               A            C#m
My friend the bureaucrat, he just accepts all that
         Bm                   E
Which I cannot except, such frustration that I wept
                  A               C#m
For my friend the taxman, he is my father and he
        Bm                               E
Tallies numbers all day, yes he knows his numbers you could say!
        A                  C#m
He taxes income! I asked him how come?
           Bm                                    E
"You know I work hard for every penny don't you think I deserve it all?"
         A                                C#m
"Oh the law, the law, the law son there are flaws in the law
                Bm                                 E
But, in the end I just answer to God boy I'm just doing my job!"
               A                   C#m
My friend the astronomer she is a stargazer
             Bm                              E
I swear they talk to her, boy I wish I knew what they were saying
      A                               C#m
While I was laying in her bed with her chest to my head...
         Bm                                E
Were our intentions misread? So I just said it, I said, "baby, 
     A           C#m
I'm a nobody I aint got no money! 
          Bm                                    E
Just this ambition to tell the people we are equal so c'mon baby come out of your cave"
A            C#m
Ahhh ahhh ahhh
Bm                E
Catch a swell catch a wave to another inspiring place

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