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Every Songs The Same Chords
Capo 3rd fret - chords relative to capo

C  C2  C    Am    Asus2  Am    
C  C2  C    Am    Asus2  Am

F                       C
Let me teach you how to write a song
 Gsus4     Am            F          C
The first line must be brief but strong
Gsus4    C                   Fmaj7
And the second line should rhyme
      Am                       Am7
With something in your baby's heart
                     F               C
Something that they know but cannot name
             Gsus4                Am
And in that way every song's the same

Am    Asus2  Am     C  C2  C  
Am    Asus2  Am     C  C2  C

F                      C
Let me show you how to write a tune
Gsus4      Am                   F       C
The first note should mean the world to you
Gsus4    C                 Fmaj7
And the second one should come
        Am               Am7
Like an arrow out of a dream
                F                  C
Something only hit by the singer's aim
             Gsus4                Am
And in that way every tune's the same

Am    Asus2  Am     C  C2  C

Fma7               Am            Em        Am     Asus2  Am
So go ahead please, throw away the rules and seize
    Em      Am      Fma7    C
Whatever it is you need to say
         Dm          F                                   C     C2   C
Cos I'm dying here trying to find something that I can play

Am    Asus2  Am     C  C2  C  
Am    Asus2  Am     C  C2  C  
Am    Asus2  Am     C  C2  C  
Am    Asus2  Am

Am         F                C
So let me hear it, play it loud
        Gsus4      Am         F        C
Pull me into that sweet sleepwalking crowd
Gsus4      C       Fmaj7
With that single thing
       Am                             Am7
That's everything you've wanted to scream
          F                     C
Since the obscene beginning of time
             Gsus4              C  C2  C  
And in that way, you’re song's mine

Dm   Fmaj7


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