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Time And Again Chords
Time and Again - Whitesnake
(capo 3rd fret)

E    E
Dsus2  (xx0230)
Dsus4  (xx0233)
D      (xx0232)
B7sus4 (x2425x)
Bm7    (x24232)
Gmaj7  (320002)
G      (320003)
G6     (320000)

Dsus2  D   Dsus2 D             B7sus4  Bm7
Late - ly, I realise that it's you
B7sus4      Bm7           Gmaj7      G     Gmaj7       G6       Dsus2  D
You are the one who makes everything right,     summer days and winter nights

Dsus4  D  Dsus2  D

Slowly, I open my eyes and your smile is there to greet me
And whisper words to tell me it's alright, I'll stay by you in your darkest night

Dsus4  D  Dsus2  D  D7

G           A                    F#m7            Bm7
  Time and again the situation shows you make it better...
Em7           A         D                D7             G
    Time and again I realise you are the morning of my day...
          A                         F#m7            Bm7
Time and again my feelings let me know you make it better...

Em7                    A7
We wasted words on conversation,
     Em7                          A7                Dsus2  Dsus4
'Cos all I wanna do is just talk about the woman I love,
D          Dsus4
  woman I love...

Dsus4  D  Dsus2  D

I never thought I could be this way, when I hold you in my arms
I know I just wanna stay, this is the place I should be
In sweet harmony with the woman I love..

Bm         A       Gmaj7                     F#7
   You and I could always talk it over as friends
   And you never, ever worried, we always make it good in the end!


No wasted words on conversation, a necessary seperation 
'Cos all I wanna do is just talk about the woman I love, the woman I love...

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About the artist behind Time And Again Chords:

Whitesnake, also known as "Serpens Albus" is an album released in 1987 by the British rock band of the same name (Whitesnake). The album was a major crossover hit and one of the top-selling albums in the glam metal genre, eventually selling over eight million copies (and thus going eight times platinum). It was the eighth studio release from the band. The album peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200 chart. Its success even boosted its predecessor, Slide It In, from gold to double platinum status.

In Europe the album was called 1987 which featured a different running order and two extra tracks, "Looking for Love" and "You're Gonna Break My Heart Again"; and in Japan the album was titled Serpens Albus which, in Latin, means "Whitesnake"). The two extra European tracks would be released in America in the 90s on Whitesnake's Greatest Hits.

After the album was recorded, lead singer David Coverdale fired the band members who had played on the recordings: John Sykes (guitar), who went on to found Blue Murder; Neil Murray (bass); and Aynsley Dunbar (drums). Adrian Vandenberg, who played on the solo to "Here I Go Again," joined the band on a full-time basis after the other members were gone.

The album produced three major crossover hit singles: the Led Zeppelin-influenced "Still of the Night", "Here I Go Again", the band's only #1 single in the U.S. and the power ballad "Is This Love", which reached #2 on the U.S. singles chart. They also had hits in Britain with the aforementioned three singles, as well as "Give Me All Your Love", which reached #18.

"Here I Go Again" originally appeared on the Saints & Sinners album. It was rerecorded for the new release here. An alternate radio version of this album's recording did not appear on the album but was later included as a bonus track on Whitesnake's Greatest Hits.

All videos from the album earned substantial airplay on MTV in part due to appearances by Tawny Kitaen, then the wife of Whitesnake lead singer David Coverdale.

The album's success paved the way for other Zeppelin-derived acts, such as Kingdom Come, to find commercial success in the U.S.

A new reissue of the album featuring a DVD with videoclips and more material of the band in that year is going to be released as a 20th anniversary edition.

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