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Lead Me Lord Chords
Title: Lead Me Lord

Artist: Gary Valenciano

Tabbed By: Valera, Charlie Edsel

     Mga tol madali lang to . . .
madali lang naman ang pag strum
Meron kasi akong CD na to kaya pag nakikinig ako eh sinsabayan ko
Sa pagtugtod  . . .
just wanna say hi to my Batch at Holy Cross
Lagangilang ung mga asteeg na mga tol at mga mhal  . . .
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[email protected] or text 09214896664 


Lead me Lord
    D#/(G#)                      C#M7
Lead me by the hand and make me face

the rising sun
         Bbm  Eb7
Comfort me through all the pain
that life may bring
           C7                           Fm
There's no other hope that I can lean upon
Lead me Lord
Lead me all my life

Walk by me
        D#/(G#)               C#M7
Walk by me across the lonely road

of everyday
Eb7                             Cm
Take my arms and let your hand show me

the way
C7                                Eb7
Show the way to live inside your love
Lead me Lord, Lead me
All my life

You are my life
   C#            G#
You're the lamb upon my feet
        C#                     Cm
All the time, my Lord, I need you there
You are my life
   C#           G#
I cannot live alone
        C#                  BM7
Let me stay by your guiding love
F      Bbm
All through my life
Eb7       G#M7-E-Eb7
Lead me Lord

Lead me Lord
      D#/G#                C#M7
Even though at times I'd rather go

along my way
  Bbm             Eb7
Help me take the right direction
Take your road
C7                              Fm
Lead me Lord and never leave my side
       Bb7   Eb7    Eb7sus-Eb7
All my days, all my life

(Repeat Chorus 2x except last line
 moving 1 fret higher)

All through my days
So Lead me, oh Lord
E       A
All my life . . .

       I Really Love this song kc ito po ung madalas kung tinututog at mganda ang Lyrics 
to,,,Ok that's all hope u enjoy listening this song . . . God Bless!!!

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About the artist behind Lead Me Lord Chords:

Edgardo Jose Martin Santiago Valenciano, better known as simply Gary Valenciano (shortened to Gary V.), is a Filipino musician, composer, actor, producer, and gospel singer who is best known for many songs, especially those that became theme songs for movies. His energetic dance moves also garnered him the nickname "Mr. Pure Energy."

Born in the suburb of Santa Mesa in Manila on August 6, 1964, he is the sixth of Vicente Valenciano and Grimilda Santiago Ortiz’s seven children. Santiago Ortiz is a Puerto Rican woman of Italian descent who became a popular opera singer in Manila during the 1960s, and her love for music passed down to her son, Gary. He took his primary and secondary studies in La Salle Greenhills. It was during his high school days, while on a brief stint with the musical group Kundirana, that he devoted himself to music.

He first appeared as a solo in a television show called The Pilita and Jackie Show in 1982, but he was finally noticed after his performances in the TV shows Germspesyal and Penthouse Live. He had his first solo concert, in April 1984, inside the jam-packed Araneta Coliseum. That would be followed by 21 albums, three of them released internationally, including a Christian inspired album called Out of the Dark.

He is married to Maria Anna Elizabeth "Angeli" Evangelista Pangilinan, with whom he has three children: Juan Paolo Martin (a vocalist of the band Salamin), Jose Angelo Gabriel (a dancer), and Kristina Maria Mikaela.

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