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Little Heart Chords
Awesome song from an awesome NZ artist. 
Listen to the song for chord changes, mine probably arent i the right place.

G                Am
Little heart dont slow
C                   D            
im already here you know
G                              Am          
Over the lake you see the wind blow
C                               D                        
Through the trees through the snow

Em            G
Winter comes around
F         G       Am         Em
A heart is slow the senses all shut down
Em               G
Resistant in the coil
F           G        Am           Em
The tea cup waits as the water starts to boil

G                       Am
Live according to the season
C                               D
In the home where I was born
G                               Am
Things they gotta have a reason
C                                        D
The sun don't come before the dawn

Em               G
Little man must go
F               G                Am                Em
Choke the business down the river thick and slow
Em                  G
Dirty meddling hand
F               G               Am       Em
Will drive the value down by the fall of land

G                               Am
See the head the head is floating
C                           D
The body sits there all alone
G                                 Am
Grandpa see the world is changing
C                      D
Little boy is left alone

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