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HOME    -       Gary Puckett & the Union Gap

  Dmaj7           Dmaj7           Amaj7           Amaj7

Dmaj7            (Dmaj7)                     Amaj7        (Amaj7)
       And every         night they lie a -         wake
Dmaj7              (Dmaj7)                   Amaj7        (Amaj7)
       And dream of        mama's chocolate         cake
Em               A7
     And wonder      if they'll be -
  Dmaj7             Bm
A         tomorrow

Esus4                 E7
       And will they      ever see
E7sus4                       E7
        Their home and their     family
E7sus4                E7
        Or will they      ever be -
       Dmaj7         (Dmaj7) - Amaj7 - (Amaj7)
Back         home

Dmaj7                (Dmaj7)                   Amaj7        (Amaj7)
       And boys who         never learned to          pray
Dmaj7              (Dmaj7)                  Amaj7       (Amaj7)
       Look to the         heavens every -         day
Em                A7                          Dmaj7         Bm
    And stumble      through a simple little        prayer

Esus4               E7
       And ask the      Lord above
E7sus4                            E7
        To send them home to the      one's they love
E7sus4             E7
        Oh god I      hope they make it -
Dmaj7        (Dmaj7) - Amaj7 - (Amaj7)

Dmaj7            (Dmaj7)                     Amaj7        (Amaj7)
       And every         day some young man         dies
Dmaj7             (Dmaj7)                         Amaj7        (Amaj7)
       And in the         night some young girl         cries
Em                A7                  Dmaj7           Bm
    He'll never      hear his baby's         laughter

Esus4                E7
       He'll never      ever see
E7sus4                    E7
        His home and his      family
E7sus4                         E7
        Or what he's done for      you and me
E7sus4                    E7
        But I guess he's      on his way
Dmaj7              (Dmaj7) - Amaj7 //
       Back home

Dmaj7  xx0222
Amaj7  x02120
Em     022000
A7     x02020
Bm     x24432
Esus4  022220
E7     022130
E7sus4 022230
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