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You Are Beautiful Acoustic Chords - Deaf Havana

You Are Beautiful Acoustic Chords
Capo on 2


Em    G  C (x2)

(Verse 1)

Em                      D            C
     The smell of loneliness and the heartache of

Em                      D            C
distance is all we have left

Em                      D              C
              When your dress hits the floor it's

Em                     D               C
obvious it's been well kept

Em                             G        
       'Cause waiting for what seems a fucking lifetime

D                              C
                         For a night with you


C                         Em       G
       'Cause I belong to you, and you are beauti-

C                          Em        D
ful,  I know your heart is full, but you are beautiful

(Intro x 2)

(Verse 2)
When we crash down on these well abandoned bedsheets
We'll settle down as hands begin to wonder
And fingers start to creep
This house we built is just enough to keep us warm
To keep us warm


(Chorus x 2)
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