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Step Chords
Bb           Bbmaj7                Gm                    F
Every time I see you in the world, you always step to my girl

Intro -  Bb  Bbmaj7  Gm  F  Eb  Bb  Eb  F x2

Verse 1:
Bb                           Bbmaj7
Back back way back I used to front like Angkor Wat

Gm                          F
Mechanicsburg Anchorage and Dar es Salaam

Eb                             Bb                Eb                  F
While home from New York was champagne and disco tapes from L.A. slash San


Bb                   Bbmaj7
But actually Oakland and not Alameda
     Gm                            F
Your girl was in Berkeley with her Communist reader
Eb                         Bb
Mine was entombed within boombox and walkman
Eb                  F
I was a hoarder but girl that was back then

Bridge (he hums badoom with it):

Bb  Bbmaj7  Gm  F

The Chorus is the same as the verse:
     Bb                  Bbmaj7           Gm
The gloves are off, the wisdom teeth are out
What you on about?
  Eb            Bb       Eb            F
I feel it in my bones, I feel it in my bones
    Bb                Bbmaj7        Gm
I'm stronger now, I'm ready for the house
Such a modest mouse, 
  Eb          Bb        Eb          F
I can't do it alone, I can't do it alone

Bb           Bbmaj7                Gm                    F
Every time I see you in the world, you always step to my girl

Eb  Bb  Eb  F

Verse 2:

Ancestors told me that their girl was better
She's richer than Croesus, she's tougher than leather
I just ignored all the details of a past life
Stale conversation deserves but a bread knife
And punks who would laugh when they saw us together
Well, they didn't know how to dress for the weather
I can still see them there huddled on Astor
Snow falling slow to the sound of the master


Bridge (just play the same chord pattern)

Verse 3:

Wisdom's a gift, but you'd trade it for youth
Age is an honor - it's still not the truth
We saw the stars when they hid from the world
You cursed the sun when it stepped to your girl
Maybe she's gone and I can't resurrect her
The truth is she doesn't need me to protect her
We don't know the true death, the way of all flesh
Everyone's dying, but girl - you're not old yet


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About the artist behind Step Chords:

Vampire Weekend is an indie rock band from New York City, formed in 2006 and signed to XL Recordings.

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