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Crazy Kids Chords
                            Crazy Kids-Ke$ha
G  D5  Cadd9  Em7

Chord Tab:
     G    D5  Cadd9 Em7

(To play in tune; play the same chords with a capo on the third fret(?) but if you don't 
have a capo then just use the fingerings above)

Chords with Lyrics:
 G         D5      Cadd9
Hello, wherever you are
            Em7                         D5          Cadd9
Are you dancing on the dancefloor or drinking by the bar?

(It just continues like that for the rest of the song!!!

Thanx Guys,
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Quick tip, so you can enjoy Crazy Kids Chords even more:

If you don't really know how to deal with "Absus4" chord and his equally confusing brothers, just put the mouse cursor over them and you will be shown a helpful chord diagram.

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