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Dammit I Changed Again Tab (ver 3) - Offspring

Dammit I Changed Again Tab
Date: thrus, 22 Feb 2001 07:25:13 -0500
From: Samuel ([email protected])
Subject: o/offspring/dammit_i_changed_again ver
Album: conspercy of one 
Artist: offspring
1.Intro,just a single strike and bass to the end.      

2.Main riff
   G#       C#       D#       A#   
G-|--------------------------------------| play this riff twice, 
D-|-----6-5-6---6-5-6---6-5-6-8-6-5------| but the 2ed time with 
A-|-8-8-------4-------6-------------6-8--| out the |8-8-| in the beg  

3.Verse; it is played only by bass guitar. But, the end of this part play e-
lectric gitar, too, it's there:

4.Then comes the chorus.
E-|-------------------------------------|  im not quite sure on the tempo but i 
B-|-------------------------------------|  think its 4 beats per chord if im  
G-|-10101010-6666------8888-------------|  wrong just listin to the cd
D-|-10101010-6666-6666-8888-------------|  play twice then twice again with the  
A-|--8-8-8-8-4444-6666-6666-------------|  riff twice
E-|---------------4444------------------| verse is the same as the chorus but w/plam mute
6.Chorus again with chords first then chords w/ main riff
7.Then the interlude,it is a clean tone-riff played 4 times i think
   something like that

8.Then chorus twice again then w/ Main riff 4 times 
                                  THE END

good luck! any changes, death threats, or anything else e-mail me at [email protected]

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About the artist behind Dammit I Changed Again Tab:

The Offspring (sometimes referred to simply as Offspring) are a popular and influential[8] American punk rock band from Garden Grove, California formed in 1984. Since its inception, the band's line-up has included Dexter Holland (lead vocals, guitar), Noodles (lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals) and Greg K. (bass, backing vocals). Their current drummer is Pete Parada, formerly of Face to Face and Saves the Day, who has been with the band since 2007.

Since the release of their 1994 album Smash, which is the best-selling independent label album of all time,[9] The Offspring have achieved commercial success over five albums, with singles such as "Come Out and Play", and "Self Esteem". The band's next three albums, Ixnay on the Hombre, Americana and Conspiracy of One, were also successful, reaching platinum certification and gold status respectively.[10][11] Longtime drummer Ron Welty left The Offspring in early 2003, and was replaced by Atom Willard. Later that year, the band released their next album, Splinter, to moderate sales and fairly warm reviews. In 2005, The Offspring released a greatest hits album and toured in support of the compilation. Their next album, titled Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace, will be released on June 16, 2008 in Europe and a day later in the United States [12]; it can be streamed for free online, as well.[13]

To date, The Offspring have released eight studio albums, one compilation, four EPs and three DVD's[14], selling over 38 million albums worldwide[9], making them one of the best-selling punk acts of all time.[15] The band is credited, along with fellow California punk bands Green Day and Rancid, with reviving popular interest in punk rock in the United States during the mid-1990s.[16]

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