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Need Your Love So Bad Tab
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>From: [email protected] (Malc Brookes)
>Subject: TAB/CRD: Need Your Love So Bad - Fleetwood Mac
>Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 13:17:30 GMT

I've seen one or two requests for this so I thought I'd have a go.
This is how I think it goes. I'm no lead guitarist so the positioning
of the solo may not be to everyone's liking, but it gives you an idea
so you can then choose where abouts up the neck you want to play it.
Any comments/corrections most welcome.

Regards, Malc

Need Your Love So Bad by Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac

Standard, EADGBE.

Ebdim xx1212

b - bend
h - hammer-on
p - pull-off
/ - slide up
 - slide down

                  A                            A7

   D                            Ebdim

    A        F#m          Bm         E

    A        D7               A          E7

                 A                                  A7
I need someone's hand, to lead me through the night

                 D                 Ebdim
I need someone's arms, to hold and squeeze me tight

         A                F#m   Bm            E
Now when the night begins,      I'm at an end

          A    D7             A    E7
Because I need   your love so bad.

            A                          A7
I need some lips, to feel next to mine

                  D                     Ebdim
I need someone to stand up, and tell me when I'm lyin'

             A              F#m        Bm         E
And when the lights are low,  and it's time to go

              A    D7             A    A7
That's when I need   your love so bad.

                 D                        Ebdim
So why don't you give it up, and bring it home to me

                 A                                            A7
Or write it on a piece of paper baby, so it can be read to me

Tell me that you love me, and stop driving me mad

           E   F                     E   E7
Oh because I,    I need your love so bad.

            A                                  A7
I need your soft voice, to talk to me at night

                    D                         Ebdim
I don't want you to worry baby, I know we can make everything alright

A                  F#m   Bm             E
Listen to my plea, baby,    bring it to me

          A    D7             A    E7
Because I need   your love so bad.

Repeat intro and fade.

 Malc Brookes, St Helens, England
 EMail: [email protected]
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About the artist behind Need Your Love So Bad Tab:

Fleetwood Mac are a British/American rock band formed in 1967, who have had high turnover of personnel and varied levels of success. From the band's inception through the end of 1974, no incarnation of Fleetwood Mac lasted as long as two years.

The only member present in the band from the very beginning is its namesake drummer Mick Fleetwood. Bassist John McVie, despite his giving part of his name to the band, did not play on their first single nor at their first concerts. Keyboardist Christine McVie has, to date, appeared on all but two albums, either as a member or as a session musician (and also supplying the artwork for the album Kiln House).

The two most successful periods for the band were during the late 1960s British blues boom, when they were led by guitarist Peter Green; and from 1975-87, with more pop-orientation, featuring Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. The band enjoyed more modest success in the intervening period between 1971 and 1974, with the line-up that included Bob Welch, and also during the 1990s which saw more personnel changes before the return of Nicks and Buckingham, and more recently, the departure of Christine McVie.

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