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Sex Drugs And Rock N Roll Chords - Guns N Roses

Sex Drugs And Rock N Roll Chords
I have never seen a tab for this song on the web, yet, so i decided to tab it myself...
It took me 2 minutes to find the chords, and they are the right ones.. Atleast they sound right to me.


F# C# D#m B


F# C# D#m B


F#             C#
It was long ago, seems like a dream

D#m                   B
the day i sucked the air from a bottle of whiped cream

F#                        C#
and i got real high, and things got real slow

and i started talking like this

What's goin on i don't know

F#          C#
and then i sold my car for Greatfull Dead ticket

and my dad yeld at me and he grounded me

B                                               F#
and he said i was a dick it was the worst day of my life

C#      C#sus4 C#
and i'll never forget,

but the very next day i was doing bong hits

in the back of my brand new Chevette

F#                    C#          C#sus4 C#
so don't tell me, we're winning the war on drugs

cus drugs are like a big old can of raid

and you're all little bugs

F#             C#     C#sus4 C#
and don't tell me, to not get high

cus i'm as low as i can get without kissing your ass

and blowing you at the same time


F#                  C#
man don't tell me about love and peace

D#m                     B                    F#
when one of the johnses has a hand gun pointed at me

don't tell me to just say no

D#m                 B
I'm an adict, i say no to letting it go

F#                 C#
what ever happen to sex durgs and rock n roll

D#m              B
now we just have aids, crack and techno

F# - C# - B
F# - C# - B - C# C#sus4 C#
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