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One In A Million Chords
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From: [email protected] (Haw Juin Lin)
Subject: Re: REQ:One in a Million (G'n'R) CRD's
Date: 19 Oct 92 03:58:52 GMT
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One in a Million

Acoustic guitar..

[E-1]         [E-2]       [D]       [C#]       [C]
022100        x7990x     x5770x     x4660x     x355xx

Beginning of song..


[E-1]      (slide) [E-2]           [D]             [C#]            (play twice)
|    | |  ||||  / ||     | |   |||| ||    | |  |||| ||    | |  ||||

||   | |  |||||||||||||||
               (slow distortion comes in)

second guitar...comes in after acoustic finishes.

(fill)   (Main guitar riff)
           ^ ^                 ^ ^ ^           ^ ^   ^   ^   ^
^(accented notes)

play it over and over until you're fingers bleed

(this is distorted guitar..light distortion)

that was how I played it....I don't know if it's right or not..



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