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Every Time I Breathe Chords
Intro- D  G  (Bm7 D/F#)(G  A)

G                A               Bm7
I am sure all of heaven's heard me cry
     D/F#             G              A               D
As I tell You all the reasons why this life is just too hard
        G              A              D/F#
But day by day, without fail I'm finding everything I need
Em7                    G
In everything that You are to me

Every time I breathe You seem a little bit closer
G                                          Bm7
I never wanna leave I wanna stay in your warm embrace
   D/F#           G        D/F#   G         A
Oh basking in the glory shining from Your face and
Every time I get another glimpse of Your heart
G                          Em7     D/F#      G
I realize it's true, that You are so marvelous God
             A           D    G
And I am so in love with You
           Bm7       D/F#   G
Yeah, so in love with You

         G               A         Bm7
Now how could I, after knowing one so great
   D/F#           G              A             D
Respond to you in any way that's less than all I have to give
            G             A           D/F#
But by Your grace, I wanna love You not with what I say but everyday
Em7                     G
In the way that my life is lived


C                          G/B             G
Wrapped in Your mercy I wanna live and never leave
D                         A                       G/B
I am held by how humble, yet overwhelmed by Your majesty
C                     G/B             G
Captured by grace now I'm finding I am free
        D                        A
You are marvelous God and knowing You is everything


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About the artist behind Every Time I Breathe Chords:

Big Daddy Weave is a Christian rock band composed of Mike Weaver (lead singer), Jay Weaver, Jeremy Redmon, Jeff Jones and Joe Shirk. Their popular songs include: Every Time I Breathe, Audience of One, In Christ, Fields of Grace, and Without You. They are signed to Fervent Records.

The band met while in college at the University of Mobile. Mike Weaver had been serving as worship leader of a Pensacola, Florida church and attending community college in the area.[1] He came to the university at the urging of his pastor, and studied voice.[1]

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