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Derrival - The Autumn Game Tab
This is the guitar tab for Derrival's The Autumn Game.

The lead singer and rhythm guitar play Adam Mah plays this part at the beginning.

E|--3----------------|     x12

After 4 times of this the lead guitar plays this part along with it.

E|-------------------|               E|-------------------------------------|
B|-------------------|               B|-------------------------------------|
G|-0--4--0---7-------|               G|0-4-0-4/5-0-5-0-5/7-0-7-0-7/9-0-9-0-9|
D|-------------------|               D|-------------------------------------|
A|-------------------|               A|-------------------------------------|
E|-------------------|     x4        E|-------------------------------------|

Then the rhythm guitar goes between 4 bars of G and 4 bars of A while the lead guitar 
plays this with tremolo picking.


The guitar parts then alternate between those two.
The song is also free to download here if you haven't.
Thank you!
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