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Santa Ana Chords
Santa Ana - Bruce Springsteen


C       D              G
From the tin rooftop the little boy did watch
    C          D            G
The procession down through town
C           D            G
Through the museum where Daniel whupped the Devil 
     C                 D     G
With them boys from the underground
          C         D                 G
Where the Giants of Science fight for tight control
         C         D          G
Over the wildlands of New Mexico
    C         D                G                C
Sam Houston's ghost's in Texas fighting for his soul
        Am               Em               G            D  C Am
And the townsfolk rest uneasy beneath the guns of Kid Colt
                  G    C             D
And the kid says "Hey, where's Santa Ana?"
       G                 C         D
He who could romance the dumb into talking
       G              C           D
Take a chance with me tonight, my contessa
      G              C             D
If it don't work out I ain't lame, I can walk hey  ---------|

C                         D            G
Now some folks think cancer's taken to the streets of this town
     C              D              G
Well Sandy eats her candy and then lays her money down
     C                    D                G              C
Them cats are in from the canyons to strut their stuff in town
            G                    C
But there's only secret sinners here
      G                   C
Lord, there's only secret thieves
       G                 C
Only a fool would try to save
What the desert chose to leave
    G   C          D
And hey there senorita
          G           C             D
With your playboys in their Spanish bandanas
       G           C            D
French cream won't soften those boots, baby
       G               C          D
French kisses will not break your heart oh   ---------|

| C D | G | C D | G | C D | G | C D | G | C D |
| Em | C | G | Ab | Bbm | Eb | D | D | D | D

Em                Bm
Oh painted night set free with light
      Am                     Em
Glows outside the Rainbow Saloon
Matching braces with a Spanish lady
         Am             Em
'Neath a graduation moon
        C                     D
No more colleges, no more coronations
            G                 Em
Some punk's idea of a teenage nation
                 Am                Em
Has forced Santa Ana to change his station
     G              D4  D
From soldier to cartoon 
        C         D                   G
And the Giants of Science spend their days and nights
         C               D                    G
Not with wives, not with lovers, but searchin' for the lights
      C             D               G          C
They spotted in the desert on their helicoptor flights
           D                        D4   D
Just to be lost in the dust and the night

G   C        D                   G              C            D
Hey ah my contessa, in your juke joint rags you always bring candy for the kids
     G             C           G
Come waltz with me tonight senorita
            G         C                D
'Cause only fools are alone on a night like this oh  ---------|

| C D | G |...

G  C  D  Am Em Ab Bbm Eb D4
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About the artist behind Santa Ana Chords:

Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen (born September 23, 1949) is an American songwriter, singer and guitarist. He has recorded and toured with the E Street Band. Springsteen is widely known for his brand of heartland rock infused with pop hooks, poetic lyrics, and Americana sentiments centered around his native New Jersey. His eloquence in expressing ordinary, everyday problems has earned him numerous awards, including eighteen Grammy Awards and an Academy Award, along with a notoriously dedicated and devoted global fan base. His most famous albums, Born to Run and Born in the U.S.A., epitomize his penchant for finding grandeur in the struggles of daily life. He has sold over 65 million albums in the U.S.[1]

Springsteen's lyrics often concern men and women struggling to make ends meet. He has gradually become identified with progressive politics. Springsteen is also noted for his support of various relief and rebuilding efforts in New Jersey and elsewhere, and for his response to the September 11, 2001 attacks, on which his album The Rising reflects.

Springsteen's recordings have tended to alternate between commercially accessible rock albums and somber folk-oriented works. Much of his iconic status stems from the concerts and marathon shows in which he and the E Street Band present intense ballads, rousing anthems, and party rock and roll songs, amongst which Springsteen intersperses long, whimsical or deeply emotional stories.

Springsteen has long had the nickname "The Boss", a term which he was initially reported to hate but now seems to have come to terms with, as he sometimes jokingly refers to himself as such on stage. The nickname originated when a young Springsteen, playing club gigs with a band in the 1960s, took on the task of collecting the band's nightly pay and distributing it amongst his bandmates.[2]

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