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You Are A Storm Chords
Note- Jonny Diaz uses a lot of pedal tones (like playing the 1st and 2nd strings 
open in the key of E, so the notes E and B are often played even if they're not 
part of the chord). I've seen him use an odd capo ('double stop capo' I believe) 
that holds down three strings on the second fret, but most people don't have that. 
To replicate similar petal tones, this is in the key of E pattern. Try using these chords-

E   A   B   C#m    C#m (easier/simpler if you can't play the other)
0   0   0   0      0
0   0/2 0/4 0/2    0/5    
1   2   4   1      6
2   2   4   2      6
2   0   2   4      4
0   0   0   0      0

Key of F#  Capo 2

C#m  B  E  A  C#m  B  A 
C#m  B  E  A  C#m  B  A

Verse 1:
C#m      B        E       A
Darkness fighting thunder lightning
C#m      B          A
Crashing down from above
C#m       B           E      A
Sometimes frightening always exciting
C#m      B            A
It's the storm that I love

Verse 2:
I am leading but still needing
You if I'll ever grow
Sun is hiding so inspiring
You keep me on my toes   A   B

A                           B
You are a storm filled with deep mystery
          G#m                  C#m        B
And while others may run it's inviting to me
        A                            B
Darlin I'll brave the winds if you promise the same
      A              B
Cause you are a storm...but I love the rain

C#m  B  E  A  C#m  B  A

Verse 3:
Some take cover I'll discover
Every drop's not the same
Always finding so enlightening
That's why I love the rain  A  B

[Chorus] ...storm

C#m                        B
Girl you're the reason my knees are now weak
        G#m                  C#m         B
I'm discovering you from the edge of my seat
         A                      B
Yeah my life would be easy with all sunny days
    G#m                     F#         
I know it sounds crazy but bring on the rain

C#m  B  E     C#m  B  A     C#m  B  E  F#  A     B


C#m  B  E     C#m  B  A
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