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Circus Left Town Tab
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From: [email protected] (Liam McCarthy)
Subject: Re: REPOST: Circus Left Town

In fact I was the one who posted the original version of The Circus Left Town.
I only discovered my mistake when it was noted in the transcription below that
I had mixed up the G#7 and the F#7 chords. I have corrected the mistake in
the attached text. Apologies for the error. Enjoy the song.

>Somebody posted this on one of the guitar newsgroups, I think.  I've
>reformatted it a little bit and deleted the header (so much for giving
>credit where credit is due :( ), but this is the important stuff.
>  THE CIRCUS LEFT TOWN  by Eric Clapton
>(Amaj7 = x06650, Amaj7 [2] = x02120, C#m7 = x46454, Cdim = x3424x
>has G#7 = 464544)
>[Amaj7] Little man with his [B/A] eyes on fire [Cdim]
>And his smile so [C#m7] bright [B7]
>[Amaj7] In his hands are the [B/A] toys you gave [Cdim]
>That fill his heart with de[C#m7]light [B7]
>[Amaj7] In a ring stands a [B/A] circus clown [Cdim]
>Holding up a [C#m7] light [B7]
>[Amaj7] What you see and [B/A] what you hear [Cdim]
>Will last you the rest of your [C#m7] life [B7]
>[Amaj7[2]] It's sad, so sad [B7]
>[Cdim] There aint no easy way [C#m7] round [B7]
>[Amaj7[2]] It's sad, so sad [G#7]
>[Bmin7] All your friends gather [Amaj7] round
>'Cause the [Dmaj7] circus left town [Amaj7]
>Little man with his heart so pure
>And his love so fine
>Stick with me and I'll ride with you
>Till the end of the line
>Hold my hand and I'll walk with you
>Through the darkest night
>When I smile I'll be thinking of you
>And everything will be alright
>The picking technique is 4 bar repeating cycle which for the most part
>concentrates on the middle 4 strings, except when playing G#7. Each
>vertical line represents one bar, each bar has 2 beats which are clearly
>marked by the thumb and middle finger. The index finger only appears on
>half beats.
>Key:    t = thumb
>        i = index finger
>        m = middle finger
>        e |----|----|----|----|
>        B |--m-|--m-|--m-|--m-|
>        G |----|-i--|---i|-i--| Use this configuration for all chords except.
>        D |--t-|--t-|--t-|--t-| the G#7 chord.
>        A |t---|t---|t---|t---|
>        E |----|----|----|----|
>        e |----|----|----|----|
>        B |--m-|--m-|--m-|--m-|
>        G |----|-i--|---i|-i--| Use the configuration for the G#7 chord.
>        D |--t-|--t-|--t-|--t-|
>        A |----|----|----|----|
>        E |t---|t---|t---|t---|
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>* Institute For The Learning Sciences  Hmph.  What he was doing.  Hmph!  *
>* 1890 Maple Avenue                                        - Yoda        *
>* Evanston, IL 60201                                                     *

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About the artist behind Circus Left Town Tab:

Eric Patrick Clapton, CBE (born 30 March 1945), is a English blues-rock guitarist, singer, songwriter and composer. He is one of the most successful musicians of the 20th and 21st centuries,[1] garnering an unprecedented three inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (The Yardbirds, Cream, and solo). Often viewed by critics and fans alike as one of the greatest guitarists of all time[2], Clapton was ranked fourth in Rolling Stone Magazine's list of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time"[3] and #53 on their list of the Immortals: 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.[4]

Although Clapton's musical style has varied throughout his career, it has always remained rooted in the blues. Clapton is credited as an innovator in several phases of his career, which have included blues-rock (with John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers and The Yardbirds) and psychedelic rock (with Cream). Clapton has also achieved great chart success in genres ranging from Delta blues (Me and Mr. Johnson) to pop ("Change the World") and reggae (Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff"). Clapton also achieved fame with Derek and the Dominos through the hit song "Layla".

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