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A Battle Won Chords
I drink coffee in the kitchen
       Cadd9              G
As she slams the bedroom door
    Cadd9        G
She had enough of me
And she sure did let me know
       Cadd9              G
Oh the silence spoke out loud and clear
         D            Em
Heard a tear hit the floor from here
 Cadd9         G                D
Oh I can sure feel my stubborn ways

        C              G
Oh the things I do to prove I'm right
 D                       Em
Break her heart just to watch her cry
          Cadd9           G           D
Leave her stranded on an island all alone
       C                  G
I cant stand it when I'm wrong
 D                         Em
Being right aint worth the cost
        Cadd9         G     D
Because sometimes a battle won is a battle lost

You always tell me that you love me
         Cadd9           G
With conviction in your eyes
        Cadd9             G
You're my best friend, my biggest fan 
You were always on my side
        Cadd9           G
And the more I sit here all alone
              D             Em7     
The more this sad disgrace runs through my bones
   Cadd9            G          D
It cuts just deep enough to realize


Em                                 G
Well nobody in the world really wants to lose
         Cadd9              G
Yeah but whats the point admitting
    Em               D
If I can't win with you


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