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September Chords
Hello, this is a tab of the song September by the Slovenian band Melodrom.
I liked the song the first time I heard it. I decided to tab it because I couldn't find 
any tabs of it. It is in Slovene and the title means the month of septembre. I will only 
post the chords - you decide about the rhythm and other stuff.

    Cm Ebmaj7 Ab D7#9 D7b9 G  G7
E |-3----3---(4)-----------3--3---|
B |-4----3----4---6----4---3--3---|
G |-5----3----5---5----5---4--4---|
D |-5----5----6---4----4---5--3---|
A |-3----6----6---5----5---5--5---|
E |-----------4------------3--3---|

    Ab Fm  Cm    Ab D7#9 D7b9
E |-4---1---3--|-4------------|
B |-4---1---4--|-4---6----4---|
G |-5---1---5--|-5---5----5---|
D |-6---3---5--|-6---4----4---|
A |-6---3---3--|-6---5----5---|
E |-4---1------|-4------------|

    Cm  Fdim  Cm  Fdim Edim Fm 
D7#9 D7b9 G
E |-3----4----3----4----3----1-----------3---|
B |-4----3----4----3----2----1---6---4---3---|
G |-5----4----5----4----3----1---5---5---4---|
D |-5----3----5----3----2----3---4---4---5---|
A |-3---------3--------------3---5---5---5---|
E |--------------------------1-----------3---|

This is it! If you have any questions, email me at [email protected]
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