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Codex Chords
This is straight from the actual piano notes on the sheet music. The piano can 
reach lower than the
guitar, so it'll have to do. You'll want to finger pick or use your pick and last 
3  (or sometimes 2)
fingers to strum all the appropriate strings at once. Here are the fingerings for the chords:

C: 8x1098x (barring the 8th fret is helpful)
Bbadd9: 6x1076x (barring the 6th fret is helpful)
Dm: 10x121010x (barre the 10th fret)
F: 12111010xx (barre on the 10th fret)
Gm: 101087xx
Am: 1212109xx
Bb: 13131210xx
Am7: 1210109xx (you're unable to reach the A at the low E on the 5th fret, so this 
C will have to do)
Bb: xx8788 (for the outro)
Am: x1210910x (For the outro)

The following three chords suggested for the bridge (the piano chords cannot be 
played on the guitar)

Faddb5: 1332ox
F#11/E: o332ox
C#11/9: x34o3o
Bmadd11: x2443o


C Bbadd9 Dm C Bbadd9 Dm Dm (repeat 3x)

C         Bbadd9    Dm
Slight of           Hand 
F         Gm Am     Bb
      Jump off the end
Bb              Am7 C       Bbadd9
  into a clear         lake
C         Bbadd9     Dm
    no one around

C    Bbadd9  Dm
Just Dra-gon   -   flies
F          Gm Am   Bb
      Fan-ta - sised
Bb       Am7   C     Bbadd9
  no one  gets hurt
C         Bbadd9        Dm
  Done no - thing wrong

C          Bbadd9    Dm
Slide your          hand
F         Gm Am           Bb
       Jump     off the end

Bb           Am7   C      Bbadd9
   The water's   clear
C            Bbadd9        Dm
    and in - no-cent
(repeat x2)


Faddb5     F#11/E    C#11/9     Bmadd11


Bb   Am   C   Bbadd9   C    Bbadd9    Dm    Dm    Dm
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About the artist behind Codex Chords:

Radiohead are an English alternative rock band from Oxfordshire. The band is composed of Thom Yorke (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, electronics), Jonny Greenwood (lead guitar, other instruments), Ed O'Brien (guitar, backing vocals), Colin Greenwood (bass guitar, synthesisers) and Phil Selway (drums, percussion). Radiohead have released seven albums and have sold over 23 million records throughout their career.[1]

Radiohead released their first single, "Creep", in 1992, and their debut album, Pablo Honey, in 1993. Though initially unsuccessful, "Creep" was a worldwide hit when reissued a year later. Radiohead's popularity in the United Kingdom increased with the release of their second album, The Bends (1995). The band's textured guitar atmospheres and Yorke's falsetto singing were warmly received by critics and fans. With the release of OK Computer (1997), Radiohead were propelled to greater fame worldwide. Featuring an expansive sound and themes of alienation from the modern world, OK Computer has often been acclaimed as a landmark record of the 1990s.

The release of Kid A (2000) and Amnesiac (2001) saw Radiohead reach their peak popularity, although the albums divided critical opinion. This period marked a change in Radiohead's musical style, with their incorporation of avant-garde electronic music, Krautrock and jazz influences. Hail to the Thief (2003), Radiohead's sixth album, blended styles from throughout the band's career, mixing guitar-driven rock, electronic influences and contemporary lyrics. Radiohead subsequently left their record label, EMI, and released their seventh album, In Rainbows (2007), through their own website as a digital download for which customers selected their own price.

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