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Douwe Bob Posthuma - Beautiful Chords (ver 2) - Misc Unsigned Bands

Douwe Bob Posthuma - Beautiful Chords

D = xx0230
G = 5x0000
Dsus4 = x00670
Asus4 = x00250 
A = x00220
Bm = 024430
Em = x22002


Intro: D - G

D                              G                         
Life had so much more to offer you
        Em                            Asus4                      D
And the world is but a dream so there ain't no such thing as a dream come true
D                                                        G
Who is he to give you everything and then just take it all away
    Em             Asus4                        D    
But who are we to point our fingers in blame
D                      G                             Asus4         G
your name won't be forgotten and your words won't be in vain
G                    Asus4                     D
I'll stumble through this sad paradise and play their little games
Bm              G              D                       D-Bm
And maybe someday we'll meet again
Bm             G             D                   G
We'll dance through the fire and the pouring rain
D               G             A             Asus4             
Wether you are friend or foe, brother don't you know,
D         G              Asus4          D    
we're all black sparrows in the snow
D           G       A         Asus4             D  
Wether you are king or fool, darkness shines it's light on you

D         G        Asus4      D      
Life is cruel but oh so beautiful,
D         G        Asus4      D-Dsus4-D
life is cruel but oh so wonderful
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