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Little Girl Blue Chords
Little Girl Blue:Joanie Sommers.
Recorded in 1962.
(My apologies if I screwed this up.)

INTRO: C Am7 Dm7 G7 C

C        Am7     Dm7        G7       C  
Sit there....and count your fingers.
C            A7    F                F6
What can you do?...old girl, you're through.
     C         Am7     F     Em   Dm   Am7  G7  
Just sit there.....and count your lit..tle  fingers.. 
F       G7          C
unhappy little girl blue.

C         Am7     Dm7       G7        C  
Sit there.....and count the raindrops..
C          A7    F             F6
falling on's time you knew.
C   Am7     F     Em Dm  Am7  G7  
All you can count on is  the  raindrops 
     F       G6   Cm7 G    Fm   Fdim  C
that fall on lit..tle girl blue.

C  G    Dm7  G7        G      D7   G7   Fdim F    C
No use, old may as well
G    C       Am7     E
Your hope is getting slender.
    Bm7       E    Em7  Fdim Bm7  E
Why won't somebody send a    ten..der..
       Eb   Gm     Ab        Bb7    Fdim  Eb
little Blue boy to cheer up..little girl  blue?

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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