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Forgiven Chords
I have transposed this song down 3 half-steps, to make it easier to play on the guitar.
Original key starts in F.
Play this on capo 3 to play in original key :-).
Have fun!

It was a cloudy day
The earth stood still
            A             Aaug
A Man hung crying in the shadows
     Em              F#sus4 F#
Of a hill called Calvary
   Bm            G
An innocent man, belied and scorned
Had gladly borne the pain
      Aaug          Em
and suffering for a world 
                 F#                 Bm
That should have died there in His place
                  F#sus4 F#
And as He did, He said,

B            Abm    
"Forgive them no matter what they've done
   C#m            E                   F#
Forgive them and tell them they are loved
    B              Abm
And give to them a chance to go on living
    C#m             E 
And give to them a life that they could 
F#                B         Abm
never have before          Oh
C#m              E       F#
Father, forgive them"

And to pay the price
He became the sacrifice
            A                 Aaug
Surely, He carried all of my sorrows
       Em            F#
And He bore my every grief 
And did it willingly
He shed His blood for me
                A                  Aaug
And through the tears, I still can see Him
          Em            F#sus4 F#             Bm
Gaze with love upon the ones   who cursed His name
He gave his all to say

F#       B        Abm
We're forgiven no matter what we've done
   C#m        E                F#
Forgiven and sheltered by His love
          B       Abm
And we're given a chance to go on living 
          C#m      E             
And we're given a life that we could 
F#               D
never have before

No matter what we've done
   Em        A
Forgiven and sheltered by His love
          D       Bm
And we're given a chance to go on living
   Em                    F       Dm     Bb     C
Forgiven forgiven by his love
F    Dm    Bb    C   F
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