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Halfsleeper Chords
Artist: Chelsea Wolfe (
Album: The Grime & The Glow (2010)
Song: "Halfsleeper"

Tuning: C# Standard (C#-F#-B#-E-G#-C#)

(The chords represent the shapes and less of the notes themselves.)

Strumming pattern: Picking over a 3/4 pattern (or is it 6/8..), but listening to 
the song will give you a good enough idea.

Em                              G
All the parts of me that lived inside

Em                                G
Are drowning in the sea of waking life

Em                                   G
They don't know their colors don't belong on the outside

Em                                   G
They don't know their colors don't belong

               C                        Em
'til they're spread across the open road

C                              Em
'til they're spread across the asphalt on the open road

C                                 Am
'til they're streamin' in the wind like cassette tape or jellyfish

C                               Em              G
Long dark veins and records playing, memories...

Verse 2:
Em                                   G
All the things we yell don't mean a thing

Em                             G
When we're spinnin' out of darkened meadow wind

Em                             G
When we're flying like we're Mary's angels, through the shattered glass

Em                                 G
When we find that tall dark shadow waiting there with outstretched hands
       Em                           G
He has given me a dress of red, and you, a skin of gray

Em                                 G
We'll be twistin' here for hours, 'til the light will bring us day

(Repeat Chorus, etc.)
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