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Lord Of The Heavens Chords
Lord of the Heavens
                  A7/G     G2 G6
I bow my knee and worship you
D2                 D
I stand before You
             G2 G6
and I am amazed
D2                Bm7
I see Your beauty
                   C6        C
displayed in everything you do

A         A/C#
For You are my Saviour
  G/D       D
Lord and King
      A/C#         G/D    D
You are the only one for me
      A/C#              G/B      Asus4  A
You are the only one that I adore
          A/C#        G/D     D
In Your Son atonement sacrifice
Through his death
                G/D     D
Redemption gives new life
And I reach out
      G/B                Asus4 A
Receive Your endless love
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Parachute Band


Auckland, New Zealand


Contemporary worship music
Contemporary Christian

Years active

1995 – present


Parachute Music, Integrity Music



Omega Levine
Sam de Jong
Alister Wood
Rhys Machell
Simon Moore

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