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Forest Rain - Family Ways Chords
Capo 3

C                                 F
Walk outside the house before the sun is up
      C                                 G
The ponies in town are sleeping but the Apples are not
           F                  C
It's the beginning of another day
             F                    C
Can't spend another minute on the hay

C                                   F
Grab something to eat then feed the pigs in their pen
    C                        G
The noise they make keeps me company when
            F                    C
I watch the moon make way in the sky
              F                   C
For the elder princess' celestial charge

F                    C           F
The freshness of the morning air remains with me
C                     F               C          D
As I walk back to the orchard where todays work awaits
 F              G
Among the apple trees

F                C             F
Bucking the days away with a smile upon my face
         F               C
Keeping alive the family ways

C                                       F
While big brother works the fields with the old plow
       C                                  G
Little sis and I help granny bake and I'm thinking about
       F                                C
Racing through the whitetail woods last fall
          F                          C
A blur of rainbow colors clouding it all

C                 F
Walk into town to meet my friends
      C                     G
We're having a party at the corner again
      F                        C
And I wouldn't miss it for the world, no
            F                         C
It's always magical when I'm with the girls

F             C             
The beautiful and tranquil night
  F               C             F
Descends upon me as I head back home
      C                      D
And I just can't hold back a smile
    F              G
Not when I feel so fine

F                C             F
Bucking the days away with a smile upon my face
         F               C
Keeping alive the family ways
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