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Promise Me Chords
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Tue Jul 21 16:13:12 PDT 1992
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From: [email protected] (Tony Faulkner)
Subject: Beverly Craven Chords..promise me
Date: 21 Jul 92 17:43:38 GMT
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OK this is just for a bit of a laugh, I worked some of them out last
night after hearing some girl singing it really well unaccompanied in a
pub.  I thought next week I might grab the guitar and join her. As I say
I've only worked them out to a point, I'll do the rest tonight and I'll
post them if zi get the time.  From memory.


C#m  B   A   B   X2

1st Verse
C#m  B   Abm   A  x3

1st Verse (end bit and bridge to 2nd verse)

F#m  Ab(maj)  C#m  C#m  A   Ab
.and wish that it was still last night (the chords aren't placed over
                                         words here, just to let you
                                         know where abouts in the song
                                         you should be)
2nd Verse

C#m  B   Abm   A    X2

2nd verse end bit into chorus

Ab   C#m  C#(maj)  F#m  D   D(Ebass) (xx2232)

Main Chorus

A   C#m   D  ??????????????????????????? I put down the guitar and
                                         fell asleep here.

Good melody isn't it? I bet us guitarists could learn a thing or two
about melodic chromatics and key changes from this one. Not a cliche
anywhere. Anyone care to finish it off?

By the way I can't remember if I told you what the song was,
It's by Beverly Craven and it's called Promise me.


Big Toe.

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About the artist behind Promise Me Chords:

Beverley Craven is a British singer-songwriter (born 28 June 1963 in Colombo, Sri Lanka). She had her greatest success in the early 1990s, and is best known for the hit "Promise Me".

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