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Kim Possible Theme Chords
Song: Kim Possible Theme (Short Version)
Original Author: Christina Milian
Chords by: Gokenshadow

Intro: Gm Bb

Cm    D     Gm
Ooohh yeahh yeah
I'm your basic average girl
And I'm here to save the world
                            Cm    Dm     Gm
You can't stop me Cause I'm Kim Possible
There is nothin I can't do 
                       Cm             F     Bb
When danger calls just know that I am on my way
   Cm                      D
It doesn't matter where or when there's trouble
Cm                 D
If ya just call my name kim Possible

Call me beep me if ya wanna reach me
F                     Bb
When ya wanna page me it's okay
  Cm                      D
I just can't wait until I hear my cell phone ring
Doesn't matter if it's day or night
F                   Bb
Everything is gonna be alright
Whenever you need me baby
Call me beep me if ya wanna reach me

Gm               F           Gm
Call me beep me if ya wanna reach me

Cm                   D
Doesn't matter where doesn't matter when
Cm                     D
I will be there for ya til the very end
Cm                    D
Danger or trouble I'm there on the double
    Cm                       D
You know that you always can call
             Gm Bb Cm
Kim Possible
D                                    Gm
Call me beep me if ya wanna reach me
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