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Revolution Girls Chords
Revolution Girls by Mariachi El Bronx

The entire song is just D and A with a couple of Gs thrown in to catch you out
Verse:||D A|A D||

Even matched the chords up with the lyrics because I'm just that nice a guy.
Enjoy, preferably on a beach with tequila.


D               A
She says "Boy come on and take my hand,

A                                                       D
I know you're scared but by this time tomorrow you will be a man

D                  A
Follow me to the promised land,

A                                          D
And I'll take care of you the way no other woman can"

A                 D
Oh, my revolution girl

A                      D
I've been hypnotised by my revolution girl

D               A
She calls my name whenever I walk by

A                                  D
And when I stop to smile it always makes her cry

D              A
She gets so sad whenever I go home

A                                          D
She kisses me and begs me not to leave her all alone

A                 D
Oh, my revolution girl

A                      D
I've been hypnotised by my revolution girl

A                      D
I became a man with my revolution girl

A                        D
Every week I get my revolution girl

G                       A
Love is now an urgency, it comes as no surprise

G                         A
Every Friday night I die, and every Sunday rise

D                  A
'Cause I found love on revolution boulevard

A                                        D
Her face is like an angel, and her body is a work of art

D               A
I found love across the borderline

A                                                D
She kept me safe and sound, and loved me til the morning light

A             D
My revolution girl
[Repeat: x5]

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