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Falling In Love Again Chords (ver 2) - Eagle Eye Cherry

Falling In Love Again Chords
Falling in love again - Eagle Eye Cherry

Hey guys. Every tab I find for this just ain't quite right, anyway, here is the 100% 
version - Enjoy!

Listen to the song for the correct rhythmn, its pretty easy though


(Am  C  G) x2

Verse 1

            Am       C
Well I'm so tired
Of falling in love
           Am    C        G
Finding it easier to fall out
          Am         C
You can't deny it
  G                      Am     C
I feel it inside Cupid's fire
I can't hide


                   Am           C
But I'm falling in love again
Ain't nothing I can do
           Am          C
Falling in love again
Girl this time it's with you
       Am         C
When I fall
It's always the same
           Am          C
And I'm so tired
Of playing this game

Verse 2

It's been so long now
Since I gave up my heart
I've kept it locked down
I don't wanna get it harmed
So let me tell you now
I just want to be sure
That you won't hurt me
Can you promise me that


Bridge/Middle 8

You got to tell me
If you're going to break my heart
'Cos I don't wanna take the chance
And if it ain't true
All it's gonna be
Is nothing but a poor romance

   F                       C
So give me that promise to hold on
And I'll never let you go
   F                       C
We gotta have something to go on
       F           C    G
Or I'm letting you know now


Falling in love again (repeat to fade)

Thats it!  Any questions, queries, quarms, complaints, death threats etc, let me know!!!

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About the artist behind Falling In Love Again Chords:

Eagle-Eye Lanoo Cherry (born 7 May 1971, in Stockholm, Sweden) is an American-Swedish musician. He is the son of jazz artist Don Cherry, brother of Neneh Cherry, uncle of Naima and granduncle of Louis Clyde Flynn Love.

As children, Eagle-Eye and his older sister Neneh Cherry spent months on the road with their father, the trumpeter Don Cherry, acquiring an early taste for tour buses and the nomadic lifestyle of working musicians. At the age of 12, Eagle-Eye was sent to school in New York, where he stayed on to work as an actor and a drummer in various bands. In 1993 he starred on the short lived NBC action/adventure television show "South Beach (1993 TV series)". It was not until 1996 that he returned to Sweden to begin writing and making his debut album, Desireless, which became a commercial success throughout the world during 1998-1999.

Eagle-Eye has also had his music featured on Santana's Supernatural album as well as in films such as Wim Wenders' "The Blues", "Y Tu Mama Tambien", "The Love Of The Game", "GO", "Best Laid Plans", "Holes" and "Over Her Dead Body". Some of his most known songs include "Save Tonight", "Falling In Love Again", "Are You Still Having Fun", "Long Way Around" "Feels So Right, "Skull Tattoo" and "Don't Give Up".

Eagle-Eye is recording his fourth studio album, which is due for release in 2008.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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