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The Same God Chords
Newsong - The Same God  Tabbed by ggkiwi

Pretty simple song : )
I'm not exactly sure what kind of A it is but the regular A is acceptable i guess 
hahaha. If you do know correct me !~

Intro: A

Back to the wall, scared you'll fall
What you going to do

Day and night,
Don't know why its like the worlds' against you
                        D (mute afterwords(count 8 beats!))
You're praying for a break through

There was a day
When your faith couldn't be held down

God was near enough to hear every word
   F#m                                D
But somehow you wish He heard you right now

Don't you know

F#m                               D               A     E
The same God who was with you then is with you now
F#m                     D                    A
The same God who led you in will lead you out
F#m             D        A       E
So take all the fear and doubt
F#m        D        A     E
Go on and lay them down
         F#m             D                 A (mute)
The same God, the same God is with you now

Can't you see
Everything happens for a reason

There's a time, there's a place
For every season
He knows what's best for you

So don't be afraid


F#m                D
Just keep holding on
  F#m              D
Oh keep holding on

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