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Portrait Chords
DUKE SPECIAL - PORTRAIT from the album "Songs from the deep forest"

Original Tab by Chris Walker 
Arranged for Guitar - No Capo - Standard Tuning

Intro: Bm F#m G D (3x) (play as barre chords)

Paint my picture if you must
Please remember to be kind.
G                                                 D
'Cause darling, your broken heart was never on my mind.
Paint me with a villain heart
Like some cruel valentine
G                                              D
But darling, your broken heart was never on my mind.

           Bm        F#m
And when you feel the clash, 
         G            D  
And you don't want me around
          Bm         F#m 
Could you endure the rasp as
G                                  D
kisses filled with fibreglass rain down

Heavy as a hummingbird
But more difficult to find
     G                                        D
Well darling,your broken heart was never on my mind.

Mister Castle come on! - Clarinet solo 
Chords underneath are: Bm   (climb slowly thru) F#m and G reaching D

Clumsy as a ragtime clown
Or a dancing Frankenstein
     G                                         D  
Well darling,your broken heart was never on my mind

            Bm       F#m  G                 D      
So pull this canvas down beneath that angry moon
       Bm         F#m 
As you endure the sound of 
G                              D
One more singer singing out of tune.
Out of tune.

So paint my picture if you must
Not forgetting to be kind.
G                                                 D
'Cause darling, your broken heart was never on my mind.

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About the artist behind Portrait Chords:

Duke Special, real name Peter Wilson, is a songwriter and performer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. A piano-based songwriter with a romantic style and a warm, distinctly-accented voice, he has a distinctive look, with his long dreadlocks, eyeliner and outfits he describes as "hobo chic". His live performances have a theatrical style inspired by Vaudeville and music hall, and often incorporate 78s played on an old-fashioned gramophone, or sound effects from a transistor radio. He is most often accompanied by percussionist "Temperance Society" Chip Bailey, who plays cheese graters and egg whisks, a Stumpf fiddle and a Shirdi drone box, as well as the more typical drums and cymbals. Other musicians who perform with Wilson from time to time include Paul "Pilot" Wilkinson (guitar), Réa Curran (trumpet, backing vocals, accordion), Ben Castle (clarinet, saxophone), Ben Hales (bass guitar), "Professor" Ger Eaton (keyboards) and Serge Archibald III (saxophone, "ethereal background sounds", vibes).

He has released two albums, Adventures in Gramophone (2005) and Songs from the Deep Forest (2006), both of which were nominated for the Choice Music Prize. He is married to an artist and has three sons.

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