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Cezary Skubiszewski - The Search Tab
Red Dog: The Search, by Cezary Skubiszewski

I've seen a lot of requests on the internet for this particular song and I recently 
watched Red Dog and
immediately thought 'I must learn this'. I've only tabbed the first minute and a half or 
so of the song, but it's pretty straightforward and the rest of the song is really just 
deviations of these main themes.

I had to tune my guitar a bit to get the notes sounding just right, but I couldn't tell 
you the exact tuning. I'm not actually very good at guitar, but I have a fairly good ear 
for music and I'm pretty sure I've got it bang on.

Hope you guys enjoy!

*note: Part I continues playing underneath Part II, so if you're playing with two 
people, it sounds beautiful if you play the two together.

E ----4--------6---4---------------------------|
B -------2-------------2-----------------------|
G ----------1--------------1-------------------|
A ---------------------------------------------|
D ---------------------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------------|
Part I (X2)
E -------------------------------------------|
B --------6--------2-------------------------|
G -----------6--------3------------6---------|
A ----8---------4-----------3---6------------|
D -----------------------4-------------------|
E -------------------------------------------|
Part II (X2)
E --------------------------------------------------------|
B ---11---------------------------------------------------|
G -------10--11--13--13-----------------------------------|
A --------------------------------------------------------|
D --------------------------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------------------|

E -------13------8--9--13-----8-9--13-----8-9--13------8-9--------------------------|
B ---11------11-----------11-----------9-----------9---------11---------------------|
G --------------------------------------------------------------10--11---13-13------|
A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

E ------------------------------------------|
B ------------------------------------------|
G ------------------------------------------|
A ----------------------10--11--------------|
D --10--10---9-9----------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------|

Repeat Part I
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