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Tablespoon Of Codeine Chords
                   TABLESPOON OF CODEINE - John Vanderslice
Tabbed by: Pat Malavi
[email protected]

Capo 2

G1  X4500X
G2  X3500X
G   35540X
Em  02200X
Am  X0221X
D   X0023X
Bm  X2443X
C   X3201X

Verse 1
G1                     G2     G
There's a guy from the Sun Tribune
G1                        G2          G                Em
Staking out my house in a Chevy Impala since yesterday noon
G1                       G2        G
Should I speak to him or just stay quiet?
G1                             G2            G           Em
They hear the whistle blow and out pours the blood of my child

Am      D
Tablespoon of codeine
Am              D
Will put you right to bed
Bm                 Em
I don't want any more codeine
Am                      D     C
Wanted to make it on my own tonight
   D     C
My own tonight

Verse 2
G1                         G2       G  
So I said some things that can't be said
G1                        G2       G            Em
About a ritual tower that uses of more American dead
G1                      G2           G     
And what happened in September was a fake
G1                      G2          G            Em  
But they're chasing demolition or remote control planes


Verse 3
G1                   G2        G
Whatever you do you have to commit
G1                      G2               G          Em
And whatever you do you have to put your blood into it
G1                         G2       G
So I said some things that can't be said
G1               G2            G        Em
From the FAA the empty desk of Alan Armistead


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About the artist behind Tablespoon Of Codeine Chords:

John Vanderslice (born May 22, 1967 in Gainesville, Florida) is an American musician, formerly of mk Ultra but now performing with his own band.

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