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Human Being Chords
easy tune to play, normal tuning, barre chords if u prefer....

B                        A
[She **] me on a Monday that's what I like to see
E                        G
[ ** me] on a Tuesday that's what its meant to be 
B                        A
[** me] on a Wednesday I wouldn't want to say 
E                        G
[**] on a Thursday is there any other way 
B                        A
[** me] on a Friday she's gonna break your neck 
E                        G
Saturday comes around [SHE'S GOT ME ON THE DECK?] 
B                                 A
I thought I'd make it Sunday but I didn't see it coming 
E                              G
[***] has started humming & my friends have started running 


B                            A
We might just break, can you hear us crying? 
B                            A
We might just break, can you see us crying? 



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About the artist behind Human Being Chords:

The Beta Band were a British musical group who received much critical acclaim and have achieved cult status amongst avid followers of the underground and experimental music scene. Their style was described as being "folk hop", a blend of folk, electronic, rock, trip hop, and experimental jamming.

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