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Redeeming Love Chords
E           B         A
I come boldly, trusting only your redeeming love
E           B                 A
Flowing freely from your side now your atoning blood 
E                       B                  A
Like a river, like a fountain, like a cleansing flood 
  C#m      A               B pause    
I pour out my worship to you  for your redeeming love

Verse 1

C#m          D                  E 
My glory in your cross of shame and suffering 
 C#m         D               E
My glory what the world disdains as nothing 
  F#m            E
I will glory in such foolishness 
  F#m               E
I will glory for its nothing less 
   F#m      A                   B
Than your wisdom and your awesome power my God


Verse 2
C#m           D              E 
My glory in your deep humiliation 
 C#m          D              E 
You saved me and you crowned me with salvation 
 F#m          E 
I will glory all my sin and debt 
  F#m         E 
Has been covered by the blood you split 
F#m     A                       B 
And now I'm living in your resurrection and light

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