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The Bump Chords
After not seeing this on the site here it is this is from the backseat jukebox video on youtube

Intro    E E A

Got A lust for life     E   E   A

And A dangerous mind    E  E A

In my trail of dust       E E A

Who knows what you'll find  E E A

Well, I can take a tree       E  E   A

And tear it from it's roots   E  E   A

If you see me  E  E  A
    A                 B7
I suggest you mooove

A         B7
We're full grown men
                   E   E7
We act like kids
                      A        B7
We'll face the music
Next time we roll in

Give me a spark
You get an atom bomb
Give me some pills
And I can stand up
I'm at your function
And I'm an animal
I'm in your town
Got a warrent out.



I got a name
They call me The Bump
One night with me
Is gonna mess you up
I saw the light
And I ran like a fool.
I'm a drunken devil
 I'm not the king of cool

Thats It the rest of the song is the same I like to spice it up by throwing in a E blues 
scale solo or whatever Great song by a great band.

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