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Come Back Home Chords

Capo V 
F: X32210 
Fsus4: 133200

Am                                        F 
Maybe I won't give you a chance to untangle all your stories 
Am                                         F 
And be as graceful as a bird now, following the skyline 
Am                                         F 
I'll land resting on the first thing that doesn't bear your name
E Fsus2

Am                                                  F 
There's record highs out on the West Coast, it's another week of snow, yeah
Am                                         F/C 
Oh, how quickly we forgot it, just how we ended up here 
Am                                               F
 And oh, I dared you like a child, and then you only upped the ante
 Am                                                  F 
And now you're stealing summer kisses, and I am freezing in my bed sheets, and that's 
G                G 
why that's why I've got

Am            F          C            G  
walls I've got wings I am ready for the fire, I've got 
Am            F         C             G  
trust in nothing, see I lost it by and by but I've got
 Am            F       C             G
 something shining somewhere, honey, I dream on the sly G G

Am (begin intro/verse pattern again) won't you come back home

There are terrors deep inside me that are screaming bloody hell 
And I'm trying to keep my hands from shaking 
while you tell me where you've been

Darling, what is it you're doing with that hammer to my heart E Fsus2 
You tell me you don't know, ah, but there you are again E 
You tell me you don't know So take another breath, open your eyes
 See this is what you get, yeah, it serves you right 
And when it's all said and done It always seems so predictable, predictable
And that's why, that's why I've got walls, I've got wings, I am ready for the fire 
I've got trust in nothing, see, I lost it by and by But I've got something shining 
somewhere, honey, I dream on the sly That you'll come back home (repeat intro/
verse pattern until fade out) 
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