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Sing Chords

   Em   Em7  C1   C2   G    Asus4 D    C    


Sorry about the "C1" and the "C2", i don't know the real name of the chord's. ;)
But it sounds right. ^^


Em Em7 Em Em7 C1 C2 C1 C2

Em            Em7               Em           Em7          C1    C2    C1    C2

There is this thing that's like touching except you don't touch 

Em          Em7         Em           Em7       C1    C2    C1    C2

Back in the day it just went without saying at all

G                       Asus4              C1    C2    C1    C2

All the world's history gradually dying of shock

G                          Asus4                    C1    C2    C1 

There is thing that's like talking except you don't talk

C2  C1   C2   C1

You sing

C2  C1   C2   C1   C2

You sing

G                      Asus4                C1    C2    C1    C2        

Sing for the bartender sing for the janitor sing
Sing for the cameras sing for the animals sing
Sing for the children shooting the children sing

G                         Asus4                      C1    C2    C1

Sing for the teachers who told you that you couldn't sing

C2   C1   C2   C1   C2

Just sing

Em            Em7           Em         Em7            C1    C2    C1    C2

There is this thing keeping everyone's lungs and lips locked

Em           Em7           Em       Em7          C1    C2    C1    C2

It is called fear and it's seeing a great renaissance

G                      Asus4                 C1    C2    C1    C2

After the show you can not sing wherever you want

G                         Asus4                        C1    C2    C1

But for now lets just pretend that we're all gonna get bombed

C2 C1   C2  C1

So sing

G                      Asus4                   C1    C2    C1    C2

Sing cause its obvious sing for the astronauts sing
Sing for the president sing for the terrorists sing
Sing for the soccer team sing for the janjaweed sing

G                         Asus4                C1    C2    C1

Sing for the kid with the phone who refuses to sing

C2   C1   C2   C1   C2

Just sing

D    C1    G    G

                Life is no cabaret

D    C1    G    G

                We don't care what you say

D    C1    G    G

                We're inviting you anyway

D    C1    G    G

                You motherfuckers you'll sing someday...

D    C1    G    G  

I think this is the correct way to play the song. 

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About the artist behind Sing Chords:

The Dresden Dolls[1] are an American musical duo from Boston, Massachusetts. Formed in 2001, the group consists of Amanda Palmer (vocals, piano, harmonica, ukelele) and Brian Viglione (drums, percussion, guitar, vocals). The two describe their style as "Brechtian punk cabaret", a phrase invented by Palmer because she was "terrified" that the press would invent a name that "would involve the word gothic."[2] The Dresden Dolls are part of an underground dark cabaret movement that started gaining momentum in the early 1990s.

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