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Desiree Chords
G  Cadd9  G  C(add9)
     G                            Cadd9 
It's killin' me to write the word goodbye,
     G                            Cadd9
I've wadded up and tossed a thousand tries.
We both know the reason,
There ain't nothing to explain.
But I know that my leavin'
     C                 D
Will spare us both the pain.

     Em           C            Dsus4    D 
(Desiree) I can't hold you any longer.
     Em                C        Dsus4  D
(Desiree) You love his money more than me.
        G             Am7
And the taxi's at the gate,
        G                C
I guess all that's left to say
      G                C             Dsus4  
Is in teardrops at the bottom of the page
   D               Cadd9
'I love you Desiree'.

G  Cadd9

G                         Cadd9
It'd be easier to leave if I were mad,
         G                        Cadd9
But it's hard to lose the best you'll ever have.
And to write this note to you,
Was the hardest thing to do.
But not as hard as bein' a poor boy
            C                D
Who can't afford a girl like you

Chorus x2

G  Cadd9

G  C(add9)G C(add9)
God, I love you Desiree.

G                              Cadd9
I won't be around for your goodbye.
Love his money more than me
G                              Cadd9 
I won't be around for your goodbye.
You love his money more than me.
I won't be around for your goodbye.
I was just a fool who couldn't see
I won't be around for your goodbye
       Cadd9                          G
Oh you love his money, you love it more than me.

G  Cadd9 (x8)

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