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Catherine Chords
Intro: G  C x2 (hammer-on 2nd string)

G                             C
The sun is shining but it's still cold
G                        C
This January is bitter as I've ever known
G                                    C
You're always smiling, there's no reason to be
G                                              C
You're always chipper at least that's how it seems

         Am                       C            G
Well, Catherine I can't give you anything
         Am                       C                              G
Much more than this couple hundred dollar ring
         Am                       C            G
And promises ain't never been my strength
Am                C            G
But you are all I'll ever need
Am         C            G            C    G    C
You are all I'll ever need

G                            C
Your hair's a mess, clothes don't match
G                             C
You laugh and say, "Baby, ain't I quite the catch?"
G                                                          C
But all those material things, they don't matter anymore
G                                              C
You're mine forever whether we're rich or we're poor

Repeat chorus twice
                    G                     C
All I'll ever need, yeah
                    G                     C
All I'll ever need, yeah
                                        G            C
Yeah, you're all I'll ever need
                                        G            C
Yeah, you're all I'll ever need, yeah

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