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The Black Fly Song Chords (ver 3) - Wade Hemsworth

The Black Fly Song Chords
Capo 5th fret

C            *           *           *
'Twas early in the spring when I decide to go
       Am             *                 Em    *
For to work up in the woods in North On-tar-i-o
    C            *                  *       *
The unemployment office said they'd send me through
       Am         *             Em     *
To the Little Abi-tibi with the survey crew

        Am    *          *            *
And the black flies, the little black flies
C          *             *                *
Always the black fly, no matter where you go
     Dm           *           *          *
I'll die with the black fly a-picking my bones
   *        *     C   *     *        Dm    Am
In North On-tar-i-o-i-o, in North On-tar-i-o

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