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Almost Forgot Myself Tab
"Almost Forgot Myself" by DOVES. ( "Some Cities" - 2005 )

	intro : D



To be played with the bass melody : F#m - A (sus4) -E - B (x2)

				    F#m............. - Bmin - C#min (x2)

              F#m  Bmin
		So close...

		You're wasted again

                  Bmin       D         Bmin
		I know, somehow...

                          F#m        E             D - Dsus4 - D
		I lost myself...                again

               A          E        D - Dsus4 - D
		Making me high again

	       A	     E            D - Dsus4 - D
		I almost forgot myself again

               A              E                    D  Bmin -    A    -    E
		It hits me so hard, It kills me again

                    F#m............. - Bmin - C#min (x1)

              F#m  Bmin
		So close

		Yet you're wasted again

                  Bmin      D         Bmin
		I know, somehow...

                                F#min         E
		We'll find ourselves...

                                         D - Dsus4 - D
                I don't know, I don't know

               A              E        D-Dsus4-D
		Then we'll be high again

               A              E          D-Dsus4-D
		I almost forgot myself there

               A               E                  D-Dsus4-D      Bmin
                It hits you so hard, And kills again

                 F#m - A (sus4) -E - B

		 F#m - A (sus4) -E - B - D - Dsus4 - D

               A             E            D-Dsus4-D
		I almost forgot myself again

               A             E            D-Dsus4-D
		I almost forgot myself there

               A                E                   D-Dsus4-D
		It's hitting me hard, It moves me again

                   Bmin         D

                   Bmin         D         F#min.

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About the artist behind Almost Forgot Myself Tab:

Doves are an English indie rock band which formed in Wilmslow, Cheshire, England, although most of their early gigs were in the nearby city of Manchester. The band comprises brothers Jez Williams (guitar) and Andy Williams (drums), along with Jimi Goodwin (bass, vocals, guitar).

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