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Bethan Mary Leadley - This House Chords - Misc Unsigned Bands

Bethan Mary Leadley - This House Chords
Verse 1:
C9              G         D
Condemned, Pretend, that everything's all right.
C9              G         D
Head down, don't frown, it's not polite.
C9              G         D
Don't dream too far, 'cause you won't make it.
C9              G         D
Expected, Rejected they still don't get you.
C9              G         D
Impure, unsure from all the shit that you've been through.
C9              G         D
I don't want to be what you tell me I am.

C9                         D
So I'll stay this way till I can say.

C9                  G         D
This house doesn't feel like a home any more.
C9                    G               D
Trapped in these four walls, Feel like running out the door.
C9                  G         D
I'll stand my ground, won't let them see me cry.
C9                  G         D
Till I say goodbye.

Verse 2: 
Protection, correction, they're just concerned.
Detention, prevention, what have you learned? 
Seems like I don't matter in your eyes. 
Don't talk, don't walk away when I'm speaking. 
Stay in line, don't waste my time, stop attention seeking. 
I'm not perfect, does that make you?

Pre Chorus


C9                  G         D
I'm sorry if I left you taunted,
C9                  G         D
But I'm unwanted, and I don't wanna stay. 
Run away, move away, don't respond what to what they say. 
Write a song, sing along, save it for a rainy day. 
Said my past and my life would haunt me, 
Instead I stepped into a life where somebody wants me.

Chorus 2:
C9                  G         D
That house didn't feel like a home. 
C9                  G         D
I may have left you but I'm not alone. 
C9                  G         D
People change, I'm changing too.
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