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Saturday Night Chords
               F G C
Saturday night
C              F G C
Saturday night
(repeat 11 times)
Fm                       G
Saturday night already old, 
             Cm              F
walking into Sunday and I find,
Fm               G
all desires are cold
                Cm              F
I could walk forever, I don't mind
Fm                       G
Show me a light, your company
              Cm               F
goes a little way, to help me see
Fm                    G
The path on which I'm bound
                  Cm              F
rather than the things I leave behind

Eb                      Fm
I've got the keys to the city
Ab             Bb
I can feel my luck
Ab             Bb
I got two days' money
Ab             Bb 
If you light me up
This heart will shine on

Fm               G
"L'esclavage D'amour
            Cm           F
It will be ours forevermore"
Fm                G
Words we both recall
               Cm            F
Either from a lover, or the law
Fm                            G
Saturday night, my steps have shown
            Cm                  F
I can walk away from all I've know
Fm                       G
Goodnight, my friend, goodbye
Remember what they say,
When you're alone, laugh or die

               F G C
Saturday night 
(repeat 'til sax solo)

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About the artist behind Saturday Night Chords:

Cold Chisel are a rock band from Adelaide, Australia. They are regarded as the canonical example of Australian pub rock, with a string of hits throughout the 1970s and 1980s, and they are acknowledged as one of the most popular and successful Australian groups of the period, although this success and acclaim was almost completely restricted to Australia and New Zealand.

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