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Wide Open Plain Chords
This is my first crack at my first tab. You'll have to listen to the song to get the 
hammer-ons and pull-off as well as the strumming patterns. Look for more updates to the tab 
as I figure more of it out. Enjoy.

Wide Open Plain
by Doug Paisley

Capo 2

Intro 1 x2
F C Am

F         C                  Am               C             Am

Intro 2 x2

Am                               F      F           Am   G       C


C              Cmaj7
What we put before
    Am           C
The love and the rain
        Am      G  F
and the wide open plain

What we choose to take
What will remain
on the wide open plain

From the skies on high
Nothing has changed
stars appearing out again

In a wave of wind
Flood of rain
We are washed grain by grain


F                             Am     F
You will not hide inside the shadows
G                      F     G
When the day begins again
F                               Am
You won't be watching from you windows
       F         G
in the wide open plain



Oh they come to me
One by one
in the little time remains

I felt the sting of
deeds I'd done
by which i'd hoped to gain

The melody of
the songs unsung are
drawn out slow with pain

and swelled beyond
horizon lines
on the wide open plain

you will not see me up and running
for there are no heights to gain
and we will surely see it coming
in the wide open plain



we stand once more on
the golden shores
a still and stony train

The sea of glass
the sea that roars
where all their spoils are drained

We'll now and ever
deeply lie
anchoring our chains

and divide us endless
depthless from
the wide open plain

I wake up trembling in the morning
to a cold and soundless rain
i know beneath these streets aborning
is a wide open plain
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