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Goodnight Irene Chords
Goodnight, Irene
by Brian Fallon
(Appears on Chuck Ragan's Revival Tour 2011 Collections)

[Brian Fallon, singer/songwriter for Gaslight Anthem, The Horrible Crowes, etc. Toured
with Chuck on Revival Tour 2011, where I watched them play this song: Brian's Wikipedia page:; link to the Revival Tour: Hope that's
enough to get Brian as a
separate artist in here.]

Easy chords, but fast changes. Not too sure about the bridge lyrics ("abandoned her
hand", "were eyes declaring war", etc.). Help me get it right. Thanks. [email protected]

Brian plays this live with capo on 2, but these chords fit perfectly.

Tuning: Standard

Intro: Am E F G x1

[G] Darlin' it's so [Am] dark
In this [E] house
'Cept for this [F] light
 My slow candle [G] burning

And I know you're [Am] somewhere
I always did [E] feel it
I got a [F] new song
You might never [G] hear


Goodnight, [C] Irene
I got your [Am] trouble
I read your [F] letters
You sent like a [G] bomb
And when you're [C] gone
We're all gonna [Am] miss you
Your perfume like [F] cigarettes and the sea
My name that you [G] always wore like grief
Goodnight, [C] Irene

I grew up kind of [Am] lonesome
The saint of the [E] sinners
The voice of the [F] dogs
You find in the [G] rain

So I just keep [Am] working
I just keep [E] driving
Nobody writes [F]
The blues [G] anymore


And in my [G] mind
There's a [C] dream
Where the [F] telephone [C] rang
Just [G] before the [C] ring
Took a [F] vow and [Am] abandoned her [C] hand
In a [G] closet where [C] white dresses [F] hang
Were [Am] eyes declaring [G] war

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