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For Tammy Rae Tab
			     For Tammy Rae by Bikini Kill

Closing track to Bikini Kill's 1993 debut album, 'Pussy Whipped'. Really beautiful song,
and it's nothing but a couple of power chords. You can play them as barre chords if you
want, but it doesn't really matter here. Riff B is played throughout every verse and
Riff A is the intro and is also used as a bridge. The bridge ends with Riff C, goes back to
Riff B, and Riff D is the outro. This is a cake walk if you've been playing guitar for
awhile, but a great track no less and really, really pretty. Good for beginners who want
to play a love song, Olympia riot grrrl style of course. But really, it is very mellow 
and affectionate, listen to the song for the exact timing.

Tabbed by: Scott H.

"/" = slide

Tuning: Standard

Riff A (Intro/Bridge):


Riff B:


Riff B
    Past the billboards and the magazines
    I dream about being with you
    We can't hear a word they say
    Let's pretend we own the world today

Riff B
    I know it's cold outside
    But when we're together, I have nothing to hide
    Hold on tight, I will never let you down
    It can't rain on our side of town

Riff A (bridge) x 4

Riff C:


Riff C x 4

Riff B
    Wipe the sweat from my hair
    Tell me we're not better off
    Wipe the tears from my face
    The sunny side of the street where we are

Riff D (Outro):

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About the artist behind For Tammy Rae Tab:

Bikini Kill was a punk rock band of the Riot Grrrl movement formed in Olympia, Washington in October of 1990. The group was well known and notorious for its radical feminist lyrics and fiery performances. Their music was abrasive, hardcore-influenced punk with plenty of hooks.

While occasionally collaborating (politically and creatively) with high-profile acts such as Nirvana and Joan Jett, Bikini Kill was well known for shunning major labels and the mainstream rock press. After two full-length albums, several EPs and two compilations, the group disbanded in 1998.

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