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My Skateboard Chords
My Skateboard Chords


Strum D then e string picks on 5th, 3rd,2nd frets then open
Strum Em then e string 7th, 5th, 3rd frets then open
Strum A then e string open, 2nd, 3rd, 2nd fret, open
Then D Dsus4 Dsus2 D

D Em A D

Verse 1
D                                      Em (7th fret sounds better)  
As one sits and waits for something to happen
A                                D   
I too, sat and waited for you to call
Well I waited too long and I thought, "Hey maybe I should call you."
A                           D 
But by then you had already gone.

            A                                 D
Oh, oh it's Friday night, I wanted to go out, I didn't want to go to no show.
A                                               D 
Didn't wanna cruise main street, I didn't wanna go to no disco no no
   G                      A               D                 G  
I just wanted you to come over, sit on my couch and hold me tight,
                           A                      D
But you went out with some dumb jock and left me alone with my skateboard


D Em A D

Verse 2

Now I'm out with my skateboard and pushin so hard, I'm pushin so hard.

I wanna see if I can see if you're still home

But the lights weren't on and you were gone

So on my way home alone I took a shortcut through the park

And just my luck, I saw you sitting in his truck

You were making out with him in the dark, whoa whoa


Change in tempo (faster)

"Why'd you go and change your mind
You can pick and choose
But with him you're gonna lose
Every ti-ti-ti-ti-time

Chorus (fast)
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About the artist behind My Skateboard Chords:

The Aquabats (often written as The Aquabats!) are an American rock band formed in 1994 in Huntington Beach, California and currently recording for Nitro Records. They have released four full-length studio albums and have toured internationally. They are best known for their mythology, in which they claim to be superheroes on a quest to save the world from evil through music. As a part of this mythology the band members have adopted superhero pseudonyms and dress in matching costumes. Their eclectic live show often includes onstage "battles" with costumed foes, and the band has built up an elaborate and ever-changing backstory of their origins and adventures, along with a roster of allies and enemies.

The group's lineup has fluctuated significantly throughout their career, with founding members The MC Bat Commander and Crash McLarson as regular fixtures. Jimmy the Robot has also remained a longtime member, having joined the band in 1997. The Aquabats' early work was heavily rooted in the third wave of ska music, with touches of surf and punk rock. Over the years their music shifted towards more synthesizer-based rock with a new wave influence. Their current style blends elements of rock and roll, pop-punk, ska, and synthpop.

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